7 Things You Should Wait Until After The Holidays To Buy

Written by Jaymi Naciri for RealtyTimes on Sunday, 14 December 2014 10:03 am

We’re in the home stretch now, with the holidays just around the corner. Which means many of us will end up in a mall or shopping online in the next few days leading up to Christmas for all those gifts we haven’t yet purchased.

With the multitude of special sales going on, it’s hard to believe even better deals can be had. But there may be items you want to wait to purchase. “Some potentially pricey items that may be on a family member’s holiday wish list—or that you may be thinking of buying for yourself – are even cheaper if you wait,” said Kiplinger.

Here are the 7 things you should wait until after the holidays to buy.

  1. Large, brand-name flat screens

There are a number of deals to be had on lower-end flat screens at this time of year, but for the best deals on “brand-name big-screen HDTVs,” wait until just before the Super Bowl, according to DealNews.com. “Expect to see prices on 55-inch brand-name LCD HDTVs 10% lower than the best Black Friday deal,” said Kiplinger.

  1. Seasonal / Large Items

Big-ticket items like gas grills, patio furniture, mattresses, and refrigerators may be tempting to buy during holiday sales, but savings site Ben’s Bargains says you might want to wait. “In general, these items are more frequently found on sale at different times of the year during events like back-to-school sales, Memorial Day sales and Labor Day sales as well as shopping trends that occur during the spring and summer,” they said.

  1. Bedding and Blankets

Dressing your winter bed may be on your mind, especially if you have guests coming for the holidays. But by waiting until the New Year, you could save yourself a lot of money. “Not only does holiday decor get cheaper after the holiday in question, but bedding and blankets fall to their lowest prices of the year come January and February during ‘White Sales,’ which have been a colorful tradition since the 1950s,” said Daily Finance.

  1. Furniture

“If you need to spruce up the living or dining room before guests arrive for the holidays, don’t expect to find a good deal on a sofa or table and chairs before Christmas,” said Kiplinger. “Furniture stores rarely offer discounts during the holidays because they’ll soon have clearance sales in January to clear out inventory before new styles are released in February. Many stores offer 0% financing along with discounts of up to 60%.”

  1. Remodeling supplies

If you’re planning to renovate your home, the best prices on remodeling supplies like lighting, paint or wallpaper can be found in the spring and summer, said Bankrate. “For the most part, you probably won’t find huge deals on home fix-up supplies during December. And if you want a deal on carpeting (by the room, not area rugs), look for sales in January and February, when you can often save 25 percent to 50 percent.”

       6.  Exercise equipment

January is typically the time when people start to focus on fitness (Hello, New Year’s Resolution!), so it makes sense that it would also be the time to find great deals on gear. “Look for markdowns of 30% to 70% on fitness DVDs, treadmills, elliptical trainers, stationary bikes and complete home gyms,” said Kiplinger.

  1. Holiday Decorations

Not to suggest you be a scrooge this year and go without decorations, but if you’re in need of more, you might want to wait until closer to—or after—the holidays. “Every year, the prices on holiday decorations will plummet as we get closer to the holiday,” said Ben’s Bargains. “Similar to Halloween, we also recommend perusing the holiday deals on decorations after the holiday season ends. You can find some killer 75 to 90 percent off deals on everything. It’s the absolute best time to land a great deal on a huge artificial tree. Last year, we saw 6-foot trees as low as $10, 7-foot trees as cheap at $21 and 7.5-foot trees as cheap as $44. Prior to Christmas, those trees had a MSRP range of $150 to $300.”



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