Mother-In-Law Apartments Provide Benefits With Relative Ease

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Benefits With Relative Ease BY HOMEINSURANCE.COM ON 24 NOV 2016KNOW-HOW from Zillow Porchlight Whether you’re housing an elderly relative, a recent grad, or out-of-town visitors, an accessory dwelling unit can be a real asset. By Barry Bridges The term “mother-in-law apartment” seems straight out of the Don Draper era — a sardonic reference to strained relations… Continued

December 1, 2016

How to Plan the Perfect Patio

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Starting to daydream about dining under the stars? Just one problem: You don’t have a patio … yet. Courtesy of Zillow Digs. HOME IMPROVEMENT / STORY / BY BOBVILA.COM ON 7 APR 2016 For many homeowners, the patio borders on magical: a place to relax, entertain, cook out, and veg out. Its surrounding hues are… Continued

April 9, 2016